Version Control for Marketing Teams

I found that as marketing teams get bigger it becomes more and more difficult for everyone to be on the same page. There are often multiple versions of copy, descriptions, and creative used by different teams on different channels.

Design and UX teams use things like Zeroheight to build design systems that are helpful reference tools for hiring, building teams and collaborating cross-functionally.

Development teams have GitHub and Gitlab which define the workflow for most organizations. They help reduce friction and let teams focus on actually doing the work.

Why isn’t there anything similar for marketing teams? The need is certainly there.

What we need is a web-based tool that makes all current marketing collateral available to the team with information about updates and who has worked on it. This would include things like logo variations, voice, and tone, long descriptions, short descriptions, approved customer testimonials, visual assets, video and more.

Currently, most of these things are scattered between Google Docs, Dropbox, Slack and it is like searching for the Infiniti Stones when putting together a campaign.

Team members could also request updates/improvements and new assets from others on the team. The final asset wouldn’t be pushed to the main asset page until it met some pre-set signoff criteria. This would make approval much easier and referenceable.

There could also be pages/tabs for past campaigns that could be easily iterated on for the next year or season. This would help teams work faster instead of trying to reinvent the wheel each time a new campaign or GTM plan is needed.

There are already a ton of tools for every marketing channel and ‘growth hack’ under the sun, but what marketing teams really need is more tools that help streamline communication and build process. That’s where the magic is made.