Name the Pain for Better Marketing

One of the biggest issues I see with new products is their approach to product messaging. Often times makers and product teams are so close to the build process and so proud of what they’ve built that they focus on features over outcomes.

> “Our Widget has 2x the speed than our competitor PLUS a Nodeblaster2000 chip”

> “Oh, ok. Cool?” -customers

New products tend to talk more about themselves than what the product can help with. Features are important, but tangible life improvements are what makes people buy.

The process of creating a message that resonates is a lot like writing a short story. There is a hook, a narrative, a climax, and a happy ending. The climax of the story involves the product and how it helped slay the problem at hand. The happy ending is the outcome that the product produced.

Directly naming the paid that potential users of a product are facing is the best way for them to truly consider purchasing your product or service. Make the negative connections to pain. Show them how you can help.

Humans are innately more receptive to stories over being sold to. It’s the way we communicate and pass information from person to person and generation to generation. So next time you’re creating a landing page ask yourself if what you’re writing is a story or a sales page.